Welcome to Flourish Chiropractic Studio. This page is dedicated to making things as easy as possible for you as a new patient.

Before booking an initial chiropractic appointment it is important to  watch this very short video to see if you are a good fit for the chiropractic care I offer.  I value your time and want to ensure that you are in the right place. 

If you feel you’re in the right place, continue to book your initial chiropractic appointment using the link below


Once you book your appointment you will be sent an on-line link to fill out some forms.  It will take about 10 min to fill out the forms.  

A note on Appointment times:  The first appointment will take about 45 minutes to complete.  As such, we book them at non-peak times.  Rest assured that subsequent appointments will have more flexibility for reserving a time that works best for your schedule.  If you are having any issues in booking an appointment or finding a time that works please reach out by texting 647-694-6643 for the fastest response time. You can also use the waitlist option. 

What to expect for your first visit

When you first arrive we ask that you remove your shoes before coming down the stairs into the studio area. Plesase arrive on time.  If you are late, we may be able to use the remaining time for your appointment, otherwise you will need to re-book your appointment.

Once you are settled, Dr. Durickovic will take a detailed history, go over the information provided on your forms, and ask further details about your health and the outcomes you are seeking to achieve.

Dr. Biljana will then run you through a series of tests to assess the function of your nervous system. Some of these tests include posture assessments, range of motion tests, and assessing spinal tension patterns. You do not need to disrobe for these exams, but may be asked to remove bulky sweaters and your belt. If appropriate, you may be sent for x-ray imaging.  You will also have your first low force adjustment.

The findings of these assessments and a recommended plan of action will be communicated to you at your second visit.

The initial appointment typically lasts 45 minutes.

What to expect for your second visit

For your second visit, we will go through the findings/test results from the first visit, discuss a plan to reach your goals, and you will also have a low force adjustment


Chiropractic is not currently covered under the Provincial Health Plan (OHIP), however the majority of Extended Health Plans (ie. workplace health plans and student health plans) include chiropractic coverage.

Available modes of payment are cash, cheque, or credit card. Unfortunately we can not accept debit at this time. Cheques are to be made out to Dr. Biljana Durickovic. Etransfer is also an option and must be recieved before your appointment.  E-transfers can be sent to biljana@flourishchiropractic.ca

Directions and parking

Flourish Chiropractic Studio is easily accessible by car and public transit.

From Greenwood Subway Station
The studio is located 500m from Greenwood Subway Station – approximately a 5 minute walk.?From the station:

  • Head north to the corner or Linsmore Cresent and Strathmore Blvd
  • Turn west (left) onto Strathmore Blvd
  • Cross to the west side of Greenwood Avenue at the crosswalk
  • Head north to Milverton Blvd
  • Turn west on Milverton Blvd
  • The studio is the first building on the south side of Milverton (Number 187)
  • Once at the address, enter through the driveway gate (pull string to open) and come in the rear door

From Donlands Subway Station
The studio is located 700m from Donlands Subway station – a 5-10 minute walk.?From the station:

  • Head north on Donlands
  • Cross to the east side of the street at the crosswalk by the school
  • Continue north to Milverton Blvd
  • Head east to number 187 Milverton Blvd
  • Once at the address, enter through the driveway gate (pull string to open) and come in the rear door

If arriving by car, there is free street parking on Milverton and nearby Frankdale. Please read the parking signs carefully as allowable parking on Milverton changes from the north to south side of the street at different times of the year. Once at the address, enter through the driveway gate (pull string to open) and come in the rear door


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